Experimental research in psychology and cognitive sciences

מתוך limudbchevruta

קפיצה אל: ניווט, חיפוש

This is a writing and peer-review group that brings together people from different directions within psychology, cognitive and brain studies. The topics discussed here include decision making, attention, learning, emotions, unconscious processes, and many others. The aim of the group is to let doctorate students present and peer review each other’s work: papers, talks, research proposal, or even experimental plans.

Group meetings are held about once every three weeks. Prior to each meeting all the members receive a paper to be discussed, read it and send written feedback to the author. The meeting is run by the author who organizes the discussion basing on the feedback he/she received and the questions he/she would like to discuss regarding the research presented.

This group is a successor of the Experimental cognitive and social research group (run by Asael Sklar), which was a successor of the Empirical Behavioral Research group (run by Shoham Choshen-Hillel).

Group leader: Veronica Dudarev, Department of Psychology

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